Furon® high-purity, PFA injection molded RDVM and SMDVM Rolling Diaphragm Valves offer you a revolutionary new concept in high flow fluid handling systems. RDVM and SMDVM Valves, combined with the Furon® Universal fitting system allow system integrators the unique ability to quickly configure and assemble custom valve manifolds utilizing standard off-the-shelf valves and fittings.

The RDVM 2-way valve can be utilized as a stand-alone valve featuring a small footprint and high flow rate, or can be used in conjunction with the SMDVM. The SMDVM 2-way valve offers an additional 3rd or 4th port that supports self-manifolding of multiple valves.

Furon® RDVM and SMDVM Valves are ideal for use in high purity and aggressive chemical semiconductor applications including chemical delivery, chemical processing, and fluid handling applications. Outstanding performance characteristics and construction of the RDVM / SMDVM Valves make them highly recommended for bulk chemical delivery and valve box applications.
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UTG16SU, 1'' Universal Coupler
UTG16SU, 1" Universal Coupler
UTG16MTG16SU, 1'' Universal x Manifold Coupler
UTG16MTG16SU, 1" Universal x Manifold Coupler
MTG16SU, 1'' Manifold Coupler
MTG16SU, 1" Manifold Coupler
MTG PLUG, 1'' Manifold Plug
MTG PLUG, 1" Manifold Plug
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