• Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics manufactures the industry's most complete line of high-purity PFA Furon® Flare Grip®, Flare Grip® II, Grab Seal™, and Fuse-Bond offerings, to meet a wide range of semiconductor, pharmaceutical, laboratory and life science applications. We provide a full product offering to compliment our products, and Furon fitting, tubing and pipe products are also compatible with other industry offerings so we are able to offer you a complete fluid handling solution for your most critical applications.

    • High purity injection molded PFA or PTFE components
    • Meets SEMI F57 guidelines
    • Flare fittings, compression and butt welded configurations are available

  • Furon® distribution pumps are designed specifically to transport a wide array of bulk liquids used in the semiconductor industry - from highly pure and corrosive chemistry to very abrasive slurries. Additionally, premium construction offers preventive maintenance and easy disassembly/reassembly for unmatched uptime. Saint-Gobain's distribution pumps are 100% metal-free and elastomer-free.

  • Designed for semiconductor applications, Furon® dosing pumps are ideal for etching, photoresist, dosing and dispensing applications where critical accuracy and reproducibility are combined with corrosive, high purity or abrasive chemistry. Featuring the highest accuracy in the semiconductor industry, Furon dosing pumps are available in a range of dosing options and pump technologies and are 100% metal-free and elastomer-free.

  • Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics is a global leader in dependable, high-performance pumps designed specifically for delivery of high purity and corrosive fluids.

    Furon® high-purity Fluid Handling Pumps are designed specifically for delivery of high-purity and aggressive fluids.

  • Designed with state-of-the-art, patent-protected technology, Saint-Gobain’s comprehensive line of Furon® valves provide optimal performance in fluid delivery applications where aggressive chemicals, ultrapure chemicals, and chemical mechanical polishing liquids (slurry) are transferred.

    Furon high purity valves are industry proven and offer improved flow capabilities and stronger performance against back pressure, resulting in higher process efficiency and reduced operations down-time. Furon valves are constructed from injection molded high-purity PFA and virgin PTFE, ensuring system media purity.

    • High purity injection molded PFA or PTFE components
    • Meets semiconductor industry standard
    • Industry proven designs provide the highest level of reliability

  • Saint-Gobain offers a variety of Furon® accessories engineered to complement our valves, fittings, manifolds and pumps. Our comprehensive portfolio includes pressure regulators, static mixers, gauge protectors, providing customers with a single source for high purity fluid-handling products.

    The result of decades of experience in PFA injection molding and PTFE processing, coupled with state of the art equipment to assure accurate repeatable processes, Saint-Gobain’s products meet – or exceed – the most stringent semiconductor industry standards for purity and ionic extractables to satisfy your critical fluid handling requirements.