• Designed for primary use in the Semiconductor industry for transfer of highly aggressive ultrapure chemicals and de-ionized water
  • UPM 1000 series valve is ideal for applications that demand high-pressure capabilities and a high Cv flow factor
  • Ideal for diverting media flow path
  • Pneumatically actuated 3 way valve allows for common input and alternating output
  • Engineered to operate up to 100 PSIG (690 kPa) forward pressure
This product is class 100 clean room assembled and double bagged. Pneumatic Air Port on top of valve has standard 1/8" (3.18mm) FNPT port. Leak detection port on side has standard port size of 1/4-28.
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastice reserves the right to change product specifications without prior notice.

For applications in concentrated hydrochloric acid, (HCI), please consult the factory.
Unit of Measure


N/A 1/2 in

End Connection

N/A Flare Grip® II

Port Size

N/A 1/2 in

A - Length

N/A 5.62 in143.00 mm

B - Height

N/A 1.70 in43.00 mm

C - Height

N/A 3.72 in94.00 mm

D - Diameter

N/A 2.90 in74.00 mm

E - Pitch Diameter

N/A 3.62 in92.00 mm

F - Length

N/A 2.81 in35.00 mm

Ambient Operating Temperature

N/A -63 to 203 ºF-53 to 95 ºC

Media Operating Temperature

N/A -63 to 203 ºF-53 to 95 ºC

Air Actuator Pressure

N/A 70 to 100 psig483 to 689 kPa

Maximum Forward Pressure at Room Temperature

N/A 100 psig690 kPa

Back Pressure at Room Temp. - Normally Closed Port

N/A 90 psig621 kPa

Back Pressure at Room Temperature (Normally Open Port)

N/A 60 psig414 kPa

Standard Options

  • Slurry version.
  • High Temperature version; Requires FuseBond or Nippon Pillar end connections.
  • Standard Options are readily available with slightly longer lead times.
  • Please contact your local distributor or factory for part number, price and delivery.
  • Sanitary type end connections.

Non-Standard Options

  • Close couple Flare Grip®II end connections for reduced footprint in multi-component systems.
  • Custom End Connections available.
  • Different 3-way flow patterns available.
  • Non-Standard Options and custom configurations are welcome.
Please consult factory for part number, price and delivery.


  • All virgin PTFE/high purity molded PFA wetted flow path
  • Visual position indication
  • No exposed metallics
  • Integral swivel base for freedom and ease of mounting
  • Standard leak detection port
  • Fully swept internal flow path with no entrapment areas to eliminate bacteria growth
  • Assembled and double bagged in Class 100 clean room
  • High Temperature Option: Field tested to 329°F (165°C) of continuous operation