• Design for use in ultrapure deionized water and aggressive chemical applications
  • Market applications include Semiconductor, Flat Panel, and Photovoltiac manufacturing; Chemical Processing and Biomedical industries
  • Multi-turn manually actuated 2 way diaphragm valve for precise controlled opening and shut-off
Unit of Measure

End Connection

N/A Flare Grip® II


N/A 1/4 in

Port Size

N/A 3/8 in

A - Length

N/A 3.71 in94.23 mm

Panel Mounting Hole

N/A 0.71 in

Maximum Panel Thickness

N/A 0.13 in

Maximum Operating Temperature

N/A 176 ºF80 ºC

Maximum Operating Pressure (Water)

N/A 80 psig552 kPa

Vacuum Capability

N/A 25 inHg

Flow Factor (Cv)

N/A 0.80

Body Material

N/A High Purity Perfluoroalkoxy Alkane (PFA)

Diaphragm Material

N/A Modified Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

Actuator Housing Material

N/A Polypropylene

Non-Standard Options

  • PFA Fine Thread Flare nuts


  • Pressure rated to 80 PSIG (552 kPa)
  • Integral mounting base with top or bottom mount standard
  • Panel mount feature is standard
  • Leak detection port
  • Common port height with multi-turn, pneumatic and 3-way versions
  • High purity PFA and PTFE wetted flowpath
  • Semi F57 Compliant