0 to 40 ml
  • Superior accuracy and reliability
  • Ideal for high-purity applications
  • Designed for aggressive or corrosive media
  • Virgin PTFE wetted flow path
  • 100% Elastomer-Free
Unprecedented Accuracy and Repeatability
The Furon® Precision Dispense Pump (PDP) utilizes cutting edge technology to deliver extremely accurate doses of media with unprecedented repeatability. Our patented PTFE rolling diaphragm technology coupled with precision stepper motor control enables precise dispensing of aggressive or ultra-pure media and eliminates the requirement for expensive flow controllers.

The Furon® PDP features Zero Displacement Valve technology that enables pulsation-free dispensing. Additionally, a fully programmable suck-back capability provides complete control over residual drops of liquid, assuring superior recipe accuracy and maximizing chemical efficiency.

Our Furon® PDP is a fully-integrated system driven by its own on-board microprocessor. The PDP may be operated on its own via the intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI), or controlled remotely via the built-in RS-485 interface.

All wetted surfaces are Fluoroloy®-T and Fluoroloy®646 to suit dispensing of ultra-pure chemicals used in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and medical industries. Metallic free wetted flow path eliminates the potential of ionic contamination. Additionally, the wetted flow path is 100% elastomer-free, ensuring long life and further reducing the potential for contamination. Furon® PDP pumps are designed for long life and are maintenance-free, maximizing the end user’s up-time.
Unit of Measure

Maximum Fluid Inlet Pressure at 22 Degree Celsius

N/A 60 psig

Suction Lift Capacity at 22 Degree Celsius

N/A 6 ft of H2O

Maximum Outlet Pressure at 22 Degree Celsius

N/A 60 psig

Media Temperature Range

N/A 5 to 50 ºC

Fully Programmable Dispense Volume

N/A 0.1 to 40.0 mL

Dispense Speed

N/A 0.01 to 10 mL/s

Fill Speed

N/A 0.01 to 10 mL/s


N/A ± 0.010 mL


N/A 0.001 mL

Air Pressure Requirement with Customer Supplied Vacuum

N/A 0.22 ft³/min

Air Pressure Requirement with Built-In Vacuum Generator (Standard)

N/A 0.46 ft³/min

Power Requirement at Maximum Direct Current (DC) 24 Volt (V)

N/A 1.0 A

Repeatability (Mode1)

N/A 0.005 mL

Repeatability (Mode2)

N/A 0.020 mL

Fluid Connection

N/A 1/8" FlareGrip™ II

Pump Body Material

N/A Fluoroloy®-T

Diaphragm Material

N/A Fluoroloy® 646

Electronics Housing Material

N/A Polypropylene

PC Interface

N/A PC-Compatible Graphical User Interface Software (Optional)
Pump may also be remotely controlled via built-in RS-485 interface or Logic Controller

Operating Mode

N/A Mode 1: Pump holding reservoir is refilled after each dispense cycle
Mode 2: Pump holding reservoir is refilled only when insufficient volume remains to complete the next dose.

Regulatory Compliance

N/A Compliant with EU Electromagnetic Interference (EMC) and Machinery Directive (MD) requirements.


N/A 6.1 lb2.8 kg

N/A Our Furon® PDP Pump is designed for accurately controlling and measuring the flow of a wide variety of fluids used in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical, and chemical processing Industries. With its revolutionary design, the Furon® PDP is a fully integrated flow control solution, eliminating the need for mass flowmeters, external flow sensors, or other secondary measuring devices. Additionally, the microprocessor-based, on-board controller provides accurate point-of-use data, constantly tracking and logging critical process parameters.

N/A Designed for durability and reliability, the Furon® PDP will withstand two years of typical usage without the need for expensive preventive maintenance. In contrast, competing designs require frequent replacement of tubing, syringes, o-rings, and other consumable components. By eliminating these consumable components, the Furon PDP extends maintenance intervals, allowing the end user to effortlessly maximize their system up-time.

N/A The Furon® PDP utilizes our patented and industry-proven PTFE rolling diaphragm technology to accurately dispense fluids with extreme precision. Competing dispense pumps tend to become far less accurate and repeatable as key components begin to wear. Suckback valve technology prevents residual drops of media from escaping from the pump, providing more precise recipe control than competing technologies and maximizing the use of your expensive process chemicals. Additionally, our patented Zero Displacement Valves technology allows for a smooth, surge-free shut-off of fluid flow after every dispense cycle.

N/A Our intuitive and user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) allows for easy setup and operation. Basic operating parameters can be input and changed "on the fly." Additionally, the GUI provides real-time point of use data such as amount of fluid dispensed, dispense rates, and amount of fluid remaining in the holding vessel. Custom recipe storage allows for easy integration with Programmable Logic Controllers.


  • Cutting-edge technology assures accurate and precise delivery of media
  • Meets the semiconductor industry’s ultra high purity chemical requirements
  • Easy setup and control via intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • Programmable suckback feature maximizes use of expensive chemistries
  • 0 to 40 mL dispense volume
  • Stepper motor driven for precise dispense volume and flow rate control
  • Robust, elastomer-free design reduces maintenance requirements
  • Customizable for a wide variety of applications
  • Capable of storing up to four custom recipes
  • Built-in vaccuum generation provides for efficient use of CDA supply
  • Patented Zero Displacement Valve technology ensures smooth, surge-free shut-off
  • Remotely controllable via RS-485 PC interface or Logic Controller
  • CE compliant