• Furon® FlareGrip® II Fine Thread Flare Fittings

    Furon® FlareGrip® II Fine Thread Flare Fittings are used in conjunction with Furon 400 Series Tubing to create a system for the transfer and direction of high purity or corrosive liquid chemicals throughout semiconductor process equipment and factories. FlareGrip® II Fittings are available in a full line of industry standard flare fittings in straight, elbow, and Tee configurations, and offer the same footprint as industry standard fine thread flare fittings.

    Fine thread flare fittings injection molded from High Purity PFA are industry standard, 1/4" to 1" OD

  • Furon® Grab Seal™ (IMP) Fittings

    The Furon® Grab Seal™ compression fitting line offers PFA purity combined with the robust compression style fitting. These fittings are ideal for gas or pneumatic connections in applications that do not require flared connections. Once tubing has been cut to the desired length, Grab Seal™ fittings require no tools for installation. The fittings are available in 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" sizes.

    Compression fitting, High Purity PFA body with ETFE nut requires no tools for installation, 1/8" to 1" OD

  • Furon® Fuse-Bond Fittings

    Our complete line of high-purity PFA weldable Fuse-Bond pipe fittings are designed to be compatible with our Furon Fuse-Bond "schedule 40" pipe. Saint-Gobain's patented system of alignment marks at every 45 degrees, maintains precise alignment of fittings during assembly and welding, are faster and easier to use, and ensure that welded assemblies are consistent and repeatable. A wide variety of configurations and sizes are available in 1/4", 1/2" 3/4", 1" and 2".

  • Furon® No O-Ring Union

    Furon® No O-Ring Union Fittings are designed for use in any welded PFA piping system in semiconductor, instrumentation, pharmaceutical and chemical processing industries. Applications include bulk chemical delivery, wet process, CMP, pipe manifolds, and valve boxes. Made of high-purity PFA, Furon® No O-Ring Union fittings are manufactured with our patent protected tongue and groove seal and No O-ring design, eliminating dead space, and elastomeric contamination. No O-Ring Unions are available in 1/2", 3/4", 1" and 2" sizes.

    O-ring free design eliminates elastomeric contamination, high purity PFA construction, 1/2", 3/4", and 2" schedule 40 sizes

  • Furon® Dual Containment Fittings

    Furon® Dual Containment Fittings provide an extra level of safety in critical applications, transforming standard Flare Grip fittings to PFA over PFA dual containment. This ensures true dual containment throughout the chemical delivery system. The Dual Containment Fitting can mate up with chemical delivery systems, wet tools, valve boxes, individual components and drain lines. Furon Dual Containment Fittings are available in three designs: Flare Fittings, Flare Fitting Rear Seal Bulkhead and Flare Fitting Front Seal Bulkhead. The Front Seal version provides complete dual containment to the face of the bulkhead without requiring access to process tool internal components. The Rear Seal version is used primarily in applications requiring sealing on the internal surface of the containment area-such as a process tool cabinet.

  • Furon® ConvoFlex™ Convoluted Tubing

    ConvoFlex (Convoluted Flexible Tubing) is specially designed to be used with the Furon® line of Flare Grip® molded PFA Flare Fittings. No need for expensive straight cuffs, ConvoFlex is easily cold flared with our FastFLARE™ cold forming tools. convoFlex Tubing’s excellent flexibility makes for a great wire conduit due to its high dielectric strength and superior chemical resistance.

    Diameters up to 4” are available on a custom run basis.

  • Furon® 400 Series High Purity PFA Tubing

    Furon 400 Series High Purity Tubing is specifically designed to be used with the Furon line of Flare Grip™ II, Flare Grip™, Flare Fittings, Fast FLARE™ cold forming tools and GrabSeal™ Tube Compression Fittings.

    Furon 400 Series High Purity Tubing features a superior smooth surface inner bore which provides excellent non-wetability, batch-to-batch clean-out, and purging.